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Quite Spectacular

Reviews of books I've found to be really rather quite spectacular

Elliot Allagash

Elliot Allagash - Simon Rich On the whole, I did not particularly enjoy this book. This is in part due to some suspect marketing. The blurb likens it to a modern day 'Clueless' for boys, or a John Hughes film. However, whilst I can vaguely grasp what they were getting at, overall the promise was not fulfilled.

In summary, the story centres on Elliot Allagash- a cold, Chuck Bass meets Malfoy-esque character- and his protegee, Seymour. Elliot uses Seymour to entertain himself in the form of elaborate schemes developed under the pretence of self-betterment where Seymour is concerned. These schemes ranged from winning the class election to gaining admission to Harvard. Predictable-and true to teen-makeover, comedy form- Seymour begins to feel guilty as the grandness of the schemes overwhelms him. Everything comes to a rather abrupt end and everyone ends up living happily-ever-after.

The first and main problem with this book was that there was not one likeable or relatable character. I believe Seymour was supposed to be the one we were rooting for but I could not make a connection. I think this was because Seymour- and all the other characters for that matter- were not fully formed. I could not picture any of the characters or settings, which was frustrating.The pacing of the book was a little off too. The first 3/4 dragged on end and then the climax felt incredibly rushed.

Overall, I would rate this book 2.5/5. I can see what the author intended and I appreciate the idea but I think it could have been a little more finely tuned.