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Quite Spectacular

Reviews of books I've found to be really rather quite spectacular

We'll Always Have Summer - Jenny Han The final instalment in Jenny Han's summer series was bittersweet. I was not overly impressed with the story but I was reluctant to say goodbye to Isabel and the Fishers.

In a way, the story did not seem to matter too much, as it seemed to take a backseat to the ultimate goal of tying up loose ends and finally seeing Isabel married to Conrad.

I have to agree with the review written by Naomi (author of the blog Inkcrush, which I love) who quite rightly pointed out the character inconsistencies created by the author trying to manipulate us into rooting for Conrad. Jenny Han did not need to do this because everyone was already on Conrad's side! If she had maintained Jeremiah's open and all-consuming nature from the first two books, it would have definitely added greater depth to the story and actually made it seem like Isabel faced a dilemma. In the first two novels, both Fisher boys are equally tempting to Isabel but by the end of the third Jeremiah seems like an immature, stereotypical frat boy and Conrad is literally Mr Perfect. I understand that it is a YA novel, written for the younger end of the spectrum but there is no need to actively talk down to the audience by creating such black and white characters.

One thing I do like about this trilogy is the nostalgic tone created mainly by the lack of sense of time and even place. I vaguely recall a Britney reference in the second book but other than there were not many topical references, meaning it will probably remain a teen favourite for a long time.

Overall, I have enjoyed this series- it has definitely been very up and down (for a start, I hated the title 'The Summer I Turned Pretty') and I am sure I will re-read them again someday. Hopefully, if nothing else, it will teach girls to avoid dating brothers!!