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Quite Spectacular

Reviews of books I've found to be really rather quite spectacular

It's Not Summer Without You - Jenny Han This is the second book in the trilogy, which began with 'The Summer I Turned Pretty'. It is far superior than the first in terms of character and plot development. In this novel, it is clear that Jenny Han really hit her stride.

In this instalment, Belly teams up with Jeremiah to find a missing Conrad and save the summer house from Mr Fisher. In between, Belly reminisces about Susannah's death and the aftermath- as well as her 'relationship' with Conrad. In between the in-betweens we are treated to Jeremiah's point of view- so it is definitely a multi-layerd story this time around.

However, I wasn't too keen on Jeremiah's chapters, as they did not enlighten us in anyway. In fact, it stalled the flow every now and then. Also, I started to get annoyed with 'Belly' as I thought it was about time she stopped people calling her that! Isabel is one of my favourite names and whilst Belly might be cute for a toddler with a little paunch, Is is sufficient for a rising senior!

Although, I did enjoy seeing Isabel mature a little. Her voice still sounded young and she still acted like a spoilt child on occasion (such as at Susannah's funeral) however this is how Jenny Han manages to wonderfully capture the push-and-pull of adolescence.

Overall, a solid four stars for this sequel.