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Quite Spectacular

Reviews of books I've found to be really rather quite spectacular

And Then Everything Unraveled - Jennifer Sturman I really enjoyed this book-it was a true gem of a find! If I am not mistaken, I bought it after I got my Kindle. The UK Kindle bookstore was not as large as it is now and the YA pickings were slim (if like me, you are not so keen on paranormal romance). So, I stumbled across this and I am glad I did!

In short, Delia Truesdale finds herself uprooted and transplanted to NYC from her native Palo Alto when her mother disappears whilst on an expedition; however, Delia is convinced her mother is well and truly alive and kicking. So, she attempts to seek out the truth amidst a backdrop of her polar opposite aunts; an elite private school featuring well known and loved staples such as 'fast-talking-know-it-all' and 'hot-but-misunderstood-rich guy'; melodramatic clairvoyants; detectives; and a few dodgy hedge fund managers for good measure.

Delia was a likeable character and the story read at a consistent pace. It all seemed well planned and therefore it was well executed. I was extremely pleased to read 'To Be Continued' at the end. Therefore, I would rate this a solid 4/5.