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Racing Savannah by Miranda Kenneally

Racing Savannah - Miranda Kenneally

I love the Hundred Oaks series and it was nice to see some of the other characters pop up here and there - Parker fans are in for a treat! I like that Miranda Kenneally's novels always focus on a main character with a passion for something because it helps you become absorbed in a world you might not necessarily come across every day - and that's what reading is all about, right?


Savannah's love for everything horse related really came through loud and clear and this was the strongest aspect of the book. Even the horse had personality! However, I wasn't so keen on the romance in this one. I kind of wish it had just been more family orientated because there was so much potential with the dad's story. He was a teen dad and we don't get many stories about teen dad's, do we? I can only think of Where the Stars Still Shine off the top of my head...let me know if you can think of some others. Then again, I suppose people want their swoon so Miranda Kenneally had to write it this way. Savannah's friendship with Rory was nice and felt genuine too. Overall, this wasn't my favourite Hundred Oaks book but definitely worth a read if you enjoy the series. If you've never read a Hundred Oaks, I'd suggest starting with Stealing Parker or Things I Can't Forget

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